"Buggle is a great product. Jim and I use it whenever we work outside, and recently we learned just how good it is! We wanted to hang a baffle over a bird feeder, a five minute project. It was just before dark and starting to rain. Jim went inside to put on Buggle. I decided not to, as we'd only be out there a few minutes. The black flies and mosquitoes appeared in full force! They didn't bother Jim at all and concentrated their attack on me! I was constantly swatting and slapping the bugs while Jim proceeded unbothered to hang the baffle. What an amazing product!"

Carol Upton & Jim Ferry Bird Watcher's Store and Cafe

Buggle Blue in hand

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Shipping charge: 1 bottle $3.50, 2-4 bottles $6.50, 5-10 bottles $10.50
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